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Fresh and Handmade Premium Beauty Products

Vért. . .

. . . is an exclusive door into the world of fresh and handmade cosmetics manufacturing, where the words “fresh” and “handmade” come to life.

A melange of everyday stories that combines the purity of tradition with the effectiveness of contemporary practices.


The Fresh Experience

Freshest, finest, and all natural ingredients, define Vert. We place utmost importance on the quality and performance of every ingredient and thus carefully source the best of them, from all around the world. It’s the purity and wholesome vitality of our freshly picked fruits and vegetables, therapeutic leaves, rich herbs, exotic roots, full-flavoured spices, and divine oils that make each of our products so special and indulgent. When you choose to buy any of our products, you feel the richness of its ingredients, in its most naked and unprocessed form. Because, fresh is all about what goes into the making.

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Genesis of Vert

The formulas of care, picked from the heart of France

Vert is a beautiful story. A story of passion and innovation.

Born out of a fundamental need and desire to introduce fresh and
handmade products to India, Vert is not just a business, it is an
experience of exceptional textures and unique formulations for
pleasure to the skin that never fades out.

The Whips of pure plants extracts, cuts and peels of organic fruits,
mixed herbal infusions, stirs of freshly squeezed juices and gorgeous
hand blended fragrances define a Vert product.

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The Laboratoire Vert Fresh & Handmade Genesis -5 -

It all started from a small kitchen

The rare/exquisite beauty of fresh and handpicked ingredients inspires
Vert every day. Freshly picked ingredients possess exceptional powers
for skin – benefits which were simply waiting to be utilised.

In the Vert Kitchen, handpicked ingredients are freshly extracted, tested,
and whipped into exclusive products. These fresh ingredients are
assorted by hand every day, just like in your Kitchen at home.

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Cosm’ethics Conviction

The truth with which each ingredient is
hand cut, hand poured, and hand wrapped

With a strong belief in Anupama’s fresh concept and innovative ideas,
co-founder, Akash Bansala, manifestly passionate to create something
inspirational, joins in. Together they embark on an unprecedented
journey of crafting fresh and handmade skin care and beauty.

Vert products are an amalgamation of the best, pure and most alluring
ingredients to enhance luxury experiences.

From day to day, their instinct of innovation persists and intensifies the
conviction to introduce their unique and exceptional formulations to the
market. To stay true to their Cosm’ethics conviction and ensure the
highest standards of quality and finesse, they step up to the plate with
the first Vert factory.

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La Grande Distribution

Channelizing Freshness

With a delicate gesture for natural freshness!

Vert sets a new trend in the Indian market for high-end freshly
handmade products, based on innovative ideas regarding quality,
olfactory impression, atmosphere and presentation. Each Vert freshness
boutique exemplifies experience with an elegant aroma, authenticity
and impeccable attention to details.

Vert boasts of several outlets and is proud to house each ingredient
that comes with holistic head to toe benefits.

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2015Vert Fresh & Handmade Genesis -13 -

Media Début

Channelizing Freshness

With a delicate gesture for natural freshness!

Vert’s launch transformed the fresh experience into an extraordinary beauty saga. Since then success has always been present. In the meantime, numerous publications and prestigious researchers have confirmed the efficacy of Vert’s fresh and handmade products.

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être vert

For a pleasure of use that never fades with time!

Right from sourcing the fresh to conscious in-house crafting of products, Vert is all about conscious choices. This spirit is shared and conveyed by all Vertian’s (employees and management).

In just 3 years, Vert went from being a small laboratory to a leading brand in fresh and handmade cosmetics. Day to day customer experiences magnifies Vert’s essence of inquisitive beauty, far from norms and clichés. The products designed for luxury expanded massively in 2016, with number of consumers hitting the store. Besides the innovative concept, Vert products themselves form an important addition to the market. More than just a moment of well-being, they introduce a true reconnection to customers. An intimate and delightful journey they take every day. It establishes as a brand that reconnects individuals to their deep desires and allows them to express their singular beauty.

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Découvrir beauty

Discover your instinctive beauty

Pamper yourself in a way that’s true-to- you

Along with the bareness of fresh and calmness of nature, Vert goes tailor-made to meet specific skin needs with its design-it- yourself : Made for you. Introducing WORLD’S FIRST FRESH AND HANDMADE CUSTOMIZED skincare and hair care routine.

Vert prides itself on the creativity with India’s first SHOWER BOX, Beat Bath Boredom to indulge your senses into pure luxury delivered right to your doorstep. And this doesn’t stop with the products.

Vert Fresh  & Handmade Discover -

en route global

Cutting through clutter and condescension of cosmetic trends, Vert announces its overseas foray
creating delightful textures, delicate fragrances and enchanting names. To deliver a motivating
experience and inspire people worldwide in order for them to connect with the brand!

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