Allianz Roadside Assistance Service (24/7) Across India at Cheap Price

Allianz Roadside Assistance Service (24/7) Across India

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Know More About Allianz Global Roadside Assistance
What is Roadside Assistance?
Roadside assistance is a vehicular support service offered by Allianz Global Assistance to individuals who experience a vehicular breakdown. The service typically provides benefits such as getting the vehicle fixed on the spot, refueling it, towing the vehicle to the nearest garage or a specific location, extending medical assistance and much more. Allianz Global Assistance offers the best road assistance for cars / four wheelers and two wheelers in India.
Why is it necessary to have a Roadside Assistance plan?
Roadside emergencies are unpredictable and can be fatal, risky and stressful. Having a roadside assistance plan by your side is a great way to deal with the situations, and reach your desired destination safely and securely. Allianz Global Roadside Assistance is one of the leading towing companies of India that offers services such as minor on-site repairs, flat tyre changing, battery jumpstart, towing services, refueling and much more.
Can having a Roadside Assistance affect the warranty of the vehicle with the manufacturer?
No unauthorized repairs are done by the team of Allianz Global Assistance. In the case of replacements, only new and authorized spare parts are used, or the vehicle is towed to the nearest service station in case of an accident or major breakdown which cannot be repaired on the spot. Hence, roadside assistance does not hinder with the vehicle’s warranty.
How soon can I avail Allianz Global Roadside assistance services?
You can avail Allianz Global Roadside assistance services post 48 hours from the time of enrolment. The coverage period is about 1 year after which you must renew your assistance plan in order to keep availing the services. For any queries, please feel free to call our 24 hour roadside assistance customer care number or pay a visit to
How efficient are Allianz’s Roadside Assistance Services?
At Allianz Global Assistance, we strive to reach our customers at the earliest. The actual time, however, depends upon the exact location of the broken vehicle. In most cases, Allianz’s road side assistance team ensures to reach the destination of emergency in a span of 50 minutes at max (within the city).
Will Allianz offer roadside assistance in case some other family member is driving the enrolled vehicle than the registered member?
Allianz Global Assistance assures assistance to any person driving the vehicle as long as it’s covered with the company. However, an authorization call may be requested to the service owner in order for confirmation in case a help has been requested by another person.
Do I have to pay for any extra charges for seeking emergency help?
No, you are not required to pay for any services. However, you may be charged an extra fee in lieu of consumables used for mobilizing the vehicle from one place to another.
Whom should I contact in case of a vehicular breakdown?
In case of a vehicular breakdown or emergency, call on Allianz Global Roadside Assistance toll-free number 1800 103 1958 and seek immediate support.
Is there a limit set on the age of the vehicle which can be covered under Allianz assistance?
Yes, currently vehicles older than 10 years are not eligible for Allianz Global Roadside assistance.
Is Roadside assistance available in my city?
Allianz Global Assistance is renowned for its comprehensive coverage area. The company offers roadside assistance in Gurgaon, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and over 950 other cities across India.
Can I avail Allianz Roadside Assistance for my other vehicles too?
Allianz Global Assistance offers one membership against one vehicle only. You can buy more memberships for other vehicles as well. However, it’s essential to note that the coverage benefits of one vehicle cannot be availed against another one.
Is there a limit set on the number of times Allianz service can be availed?
The number of services that can availed in an year, vary from plan to plan, please refer to the Plan benefits for the number of services available under each plan.
Is Roadside Assistance available for all vehicles?
Yes, Allianz Global Assistance offers roadside assistance in India against all personal use vehicles up to 10 years of the vehicle’s age.
What is the membership coverage area?
With an Allianz Global Roadside assistance plan in your pocket, you can avail coverage up to a radius of 50 kilometres from the centre of your base city to anywhere in India, depending on your plan.
How do I request for road side assistance in case of an emergency?
Simply call our 24 hour roadside assistance toll-free number 1800 103 1958 and register a request. Our executives will be at your service within 50 minutes post the call.
Is it possible to transfer Roadside Assistance Membership?
No, the membership cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another during the duration of the membership. In case you sell your car, the new owner can avail the service until the expiration of the membership.