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Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)


An assortment of the most commonly used tools comes in a neat and compact suitcase from Bosch. Use this multipurpose kit for fixing, general maintenance or repair.

Contents Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)

A 500 W hammer drill, 3 concrete drill bits, 3 metal/wood drill bits, 1 hammer, 1 plier, 10 screwdriver bits, 1 bit holder, 30 screws and 30 nylon plugs are the tools and accessories that are provided in this Bosch tool kit.  Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)

500 W W Hammer Drill Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)

The 500 W hammer drill with reverse drill bits can be used for punching neat holes into concrete walls, wooden doors or metal surfaces. Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use it is highly useful in tight spaces and perfect for household use. Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)


The pistol grip of the hammer drill allows easy handling along with enhanced stability for a more accurate drilling. Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)

Impact Rate

With an impact rate of about 41600 blows per minute you can easily create smooth holes on concrete walls or metal surfaces without requiring any effort. Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)


The power drill can be used as a screwdriver due to its reverse function. You can use the 10 screw driver bits for tightening, inserting or removing different sizes of screws. Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)


-Fix your loose shelf door using the drill as a screwdriver and tightening the screws on them.

-Punch holes into concrete walls for hanging poster frames. Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)

Product Description Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Complete a number of home improvement and repairing tasks in and around your home on weekends with the Bosch GSB 500 RE Power & Hand Tool Kit. This compact and powerful kit features a robust 500 W Motor, Forward/Reverse Drilling Mode, and various accessories to perform a number of tasks.
Robust and Powerful Motor

With the help of the 500 W Motor, you can easily complete different drilling and repairing tasks.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Compact, Lightweight Tool

This is a lightweight and ergonomically slim, compact tool that allows you to easily work in small spaces as well as overhead tasks. You can also carry it easily with yourself.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
High-quality Kit Accessories

This tool comes with many high-quality accessories that allow you to perform many tasks in and around your home.

Claw Hammer

The claw hammer features a rubberized grip. Using this tool, you can hammer nails, and also, lever it out with the curved claw.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Screwdriver Bits

This tool kit comes with 10 screwdriver bits set, that includes PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, S4, S6, H4, H5, T20, and T25. So, you can perform various rotary-related tasks by screwing and unscrewing nails and plugs into various surfaces.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Adjustable Wrench

The wrench can be used as a spanner with a jaw which is compatible with various bolts and nuts.

Spirit Level

You can check the leveling of any surface by using the three-directional (horizontal, slanting, and vertical) spirit level device.

Adjustable Knife

This tool kit also features a multipurpose utility knife for almost all cutting tasks.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
5 Metal Drill Bits

The 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 mm drill bits are ideal for working on metal surfaces.

5 Masonry Drill Bits

Using the 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 mm masonry drill bits, you can work on different concrete surfaces.

4 Wood Drill Bits

To work on the wooden surface, this kit comes with 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm wood drill bits.

Socket Wrench

You can tighten and loosen nuts using the socket wrench.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Combination Plier

Using the combination plier, you can twist, bend, and cut wires and cables easily.

Screws and Plugs

There are 10 screws, and also, multiple plugs of 3, 4, and 5 mm size to do a wide range of tasks.

Nut/Screwdriver Bit Holder

This makes changing screwdriver bits effortless, thanks to the magnetic tip that comfortably fits bits of all standard sizes.

Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Measuring Tape

This Bosch kit comes with a 3 m long measuring tape to help you perform various tasks with precision.

Key Chuck

The key chuck is used for fixing the drill bit in the drill, and it is fixed to the drill cable.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Forward/Reverse Drilling Mode

With the press of a button on the centre of the drill handle, you can quickly and easily shift between clockwise and anticlockwise drilling.

 Bosch GSB 500 RE Tool Kit (92 Tools)
Dual Mode Functionality

This home improvement tool features, both, rotary drilling and impact drilling functions.

Electronic Variable Speed Trigger

You can control the revolutions per minute (rpm) as per the screw-driving or drilling task by pressing the Electronic Variable Speed Trigger switch.

Continuous Drill Mode

The drill has a switch on the left side of the handle. By pressing this button, you can lock the speed of drilling for continuous operation.

Easy to Handle

This drill has been designed for a comfortable fit in your hand to operate it easily and conveniently.

Drill in Different Surfaces

Using this tool kit, you can perform a number of tasks on wood, metal, and even concrete surfaces.

Sales Package
  • 1 Combination Plier, 30 Nylon Plugs, 5 Concrete Drill Bits, 1 Measuring Tape, 1 Utility Knife, 4 Metal and 4 Wood Drill Bits, 500 W Hammer Drill, 1 Wrench, 1 Hammer, 1 Cutter, 1 Spirit Level, 10 Screwdriver Bits, 1 Bit Holder, 30 Screws
Model Number
  • GSB 500 RE Kit
  • Blue
  • 4.5 kg
Other Dimensions
  • Measures: 420 (W) x 330 (H) x 110 (D) mm
Other Features
  • Easy Drilling, General Maintenance and Repair. Light Weight and Compact. Reverse Drill Bits for Walls, Wood and Metal. Drill Machine Weight: 1.5 Kg. 10 mm Maximum Drilling Diameter in Brickwork,10 mm in Concrete, 8 mm in Steel and 20 mm in Wood. Impact Rate: 0-41600 bpm.
Warranty Summary
  • 2 Years Warranty. For any query please contact Customer Service Number – 1800-425-8665 (Toll free)