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Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System

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  • Twin 2.0 dual input multimedia speakers allow 6 watts peak power and deliver clear stereo sound
  • Control is simple and convenient with integration of volume and power
  • Includes a handy headphone jack for your private listening pleasure
  • Powerful 1000 watts peak power
  • Compact control console and wireless remote
  • Inputs for multiple audio sources – computer, TV, game console and more
  • THX Certified theater-quality audio
  • 2 year limited hardware warranty

Product description

The Surround Sound Experience

If you Want to experience the surround sound of multiplexes then get the Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906. Its 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoding technology offers detailed surround sound effect that make every little sound loud and clear. It is driven by THX-certified speaker system with a impactful 1000 W peak power that brings the explosive cinematic sound quality to your home. The supreme sound quality is accomplished by 5 Satellite speakers and a Centre Channel speaker along with a sub-woofer that gives you the surround sound experience while you watch movies, listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite television show or even while playing games.

Rich acoustics with the Dolby Digital soundGet that surround sound on your DVD, Blu-Ray or games with the 5.1 Dolby Digital sound that has DTS encoding. So get the feel of the thunderous explosions or hear the faintest of footsteps with the Surround Sound Speakers. The Logitech Z906 gives you the flexibility to connect up to 6 audio sources. So you can enjoy your music or game through your PC, game console, music player or any other device by setting it up with this Sound system. Hook up your satellite speakers which are enabled with 3D stereo system, such that it surrounds your room and give you the feel of a movie theatre.

Comfortable Console Control with Stackable DesignControl the surround sound from the comfort of your couch with an easy to navigate wireless remote control. The stackable design of the Logitech Surround Sound System makes it easier to be placed on the TV unit along with other devices or even spread across the room or may within the vicinity of your PC. The compact dimensions of 38.4 x 43.1 x 43.8 cm can be easily fitted anywhere. It is also compatible with digital coaxial, 3.5 mm audio output, RCA audio with digital optical cable. So get the movie theatre inside your room with the Z906 Surround Sound.

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