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Want to enjoy cricket, but just can’t manage the time? Well, is the answer you need. This is the place that makes your favorite sports come alive. Bringing fantasy cricket league right on your device. Pick teams of your choice and play daily fantasy cricket. is a part of Play Games24x7 bringing India fantasy games to your home. Committed to offer the same gameplay experience as RummyCircle – The India’s largest rummy platform, with 10+ Million players. Register with us, pick a game and play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Don’t wait further, join us now and enjoy the game.

Fantasy games boosts your skill level and even lets you win real cash rewards. We give a safe and secure platform to enjoy fantasy sports at your leisure. Get started right away and join India’s fastest growing online fantasy cricket platform and be the part of the action and thrill of real fantasy cricket.

What is Fantasy Cricket?›

Fantasy cricket is a sports game where each player can make a team 11, selecting players from a pool of 25 or 30. As the game starts, the users get points for the team 11 players based on their performance in the real match. The points are given on the basis of runs, wickets and catches among others.

To put it simply, this is the place where the thrill of real fantasy cricket comes into action. There are different daily fantasy cricket formats to pick from. The player can select the format they love and enjoy a round of fantasy sports right from their device of choice. There are two ways to pick your dream cricketgame. You can either go for the free fantasy games or the paid ones.

To join a fantasy cricket league, you need to join a match and pick team 11 that would include batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers and the all rounder players. Along with it, you also need to select the Captain and the Vice-Captain of the team.

But what truly makes online fantasy cricket so interesting? Well, there is more than one reason for it.

Create your team: Fantasy games puts you in control. You make your own cricket team 11 and then enjoy seeing them win a match. So, you can actually leave behind the frustrating feeling of watching a team play that you didn’t agree to.

Exciting matches: India fantasy cricket can never give you a dull moment. It’s like you are playing every match with the team. It’s the kind of engagement that you can never get tired of.

Winning factor: One of the most rewarding ways to spend your leisure time. When you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, you not only get an adrenaline rush but also a sense of achievement. You can win cash rewards and prizes every day. To improve your skills, you can always do a quick check on fantasy cricket tips and become a pro in this game. So, start and play fantasy games now.

Why Fantasy Games?›

Well, when it comes to cricket, we all are absolute fanatics. As a true cricket fan, fantasy games are something that you would absolutely love. It not only lets you use your knowledge for the game, but also improve your skills and strategy to put together the best team 11 for this fantasy sports. Of course, as you put the team together, you also win big cash prizes as the game unfolds in its true glory.

The fantasy cricket matches are convenient to get started with. Just register and start playing from wherever you are. Challenges are intense, and the excitement just can’t stop at one. What makes it so irresistible? The smart way to enjoy something you are passionate about and winning cash as well.

Even you can play fantasy cricket right away. Register with us and pick a fantasy league that is open. Every match you pick will let you play on multiple factors, like match outcome, best bowler, best batsman etc. Once you have the basics sorted, you are all set to challenge your opponents. You score points as the gameplay moves as the way you expected it to. To come out as the winner, your knowledge for the game will be the most important thing.

Excited to get started, then is the place for you. Play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, as you show your knowledge and skills for the game. You can also invite your friends and enjoy exclusive referral bonus as well. This is going to be the season of unparallel excitement, thrill and intense gameplay.

Even if you don’t get the time to enjoy outdoor sports, fantasy cricket can still be your thing. With daily fantasy cricket you can enjoy your favorite game, right from your home. With in game player selection, you are completely in the manager’s seat and can pivot plans and strategies with just a few clicks and swipes. Just download the fantasy cricket app and you can get started in no time.

Daily fantasy cricket has evolved over time, and yet the basic experience remains the same. You select your team wait for the online fantasy games to be played and then watch and enjoy. Of course, the statistics flow in and you will be soon be able to see the victory.

My11Circle is an interactive and exciting platform that brings fantasy cricket league to a full circle, giving you the same feel of the game, while giving you the comfort of doing it right from your device. The beauty is, if you love cricket, then you can enjoy this game any time. Number crunchers, and traditional cricket lovers, will absolutely love the smooth game play this platform has to offer.

A game can result in a team losing by just one run. It will be the next selection that will determine if you win or lose the dream cricket match. Isn’t it these magical moments that make us real cricket fans? You can start playing this right away, even if you have never done it before. Just go through how to play fantasy cricket and get started with your first fantasy cricket experience. As you get a hang of the game, you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Don’t wait any longer, and download the app today.

Unique Features of My11Circle›

Fantasy cricket is all about creating your own team and making your own winning strategy. The aim of the game is to form a team that earns the highest number of points and the player who does so, is the winner. Fantasy cricket league is a skill-based game and it is with the right strategy that you win the game over.

What makes us different is how we bring online fantasy cricket to the table. We bring together vast years of experience with multiple games running under the Play Games24x7 platform. Share the same thrill and excitement as you have always enjoyed on RummyCircle and try out this new and action pack game on the rack. When joining a game, the player has the option to join free or cash daily fantasy cricket. The interface is smooth, with a detailed lobby, helping the player get all the information in one glance.

The games will be running round the clock, and no matter what schedule works out for you, there would always be a game to start with. Remember to start playing after creating your account with us. The registration process is pretty simple and you can connect with your Google or Facebook account or of course create a fresh account. The payment gateways are 100% secure and the winning account transferred right into your account. With us, the only thing you need to focus on is the dream cricket game play.

Playing Fantasy Cricket is Safe, Secure & Legal›

Get the maximum out of your cricket experience and that too in the most secure and safe way. Daily fantasy cricket is absolutely legal to be played and enjoyed in India. Whether you select the free cricket games or you want to play cricket and win cash prizes, you can do both with complete confidence and peace of mind. Our payment gateway is completely secure, and the winning amount is transferred to your account. Fantasy cricket is a skill based game and doesn’t fall under gambling and is 100% legal in India. is a part of Play Games24x7 that runs India’s largest rummy website; RummyCircle with 10+ Million players and multiple gaming apps under the Ultimate Games banner. Players can come and enjoy dream cricket, with a smooth, fast and secure game platform. Download our app or simply register with us and start fantasy cricket league.