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Rentomojo Shirts Subscription

Pay Rs.1000 as Security & Cancel Subscription within 15 days of first trial box delivery, in case you don’t want to continue.

Terms and Conditions

  1. After the first 2 boxes, you’ll have to pay ₹1999/month wherein you’ll receive 2 boxes every month with 10 fresh, laundered, ironed shirts in each.
  2. We will send timely reminders about refreshing your box with 10 more shirts after 10 days of your first trial box delivery.
  3. If you’d not like to continue after your first trial box, please inform us within 15 days of the delivery of your first box.
  4. All monthly payments are postpaid. You’ll receive timely reminders after 10 days of the delivery of your second box of the month to make the rental payment.
The Brand

Hi! We’re Rentomojo, an online rental solution for your furnishing needs.

Why renting, you ask? Well, because we understand that unnecessary furniture and appliance costs aren’t the best investment options. So we decided to come up with an easier solution instead. We provide more than online rental services, we help you explore a world of possibilities. With our assured quality and prompt services,you can say goodbye to all the hassles that come with buying and say hello to convenience.