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Now Get Door Step Delivery of Bisleri Water,Vedica,Club Soda +5% Discount On subscription order

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Bisleri@Doorstep is a platform designed for your convenience, enabling you to order Bisleri products in one click & receive it at your doorstep. Regular users can simply subscribe products of their choice at a suitable frequency and avail a loyalty discount. In addition you can choose from the exciting offers & discounts that will be available from time to time. Trusted by millions for over 50 years now, Bisleri is a symbol of goodness, trust & purity. We want to extend your trust on our products by ensuring only original Bisleri products via authorized suppliers will reach at your doorstep. So while you choose what you want we ensure a seamless supply with no worry on timely delivery or fear of spurious products. Now health & happiness are just a click away.


Bisleri International manufactures and markets brands like:


Trusted by millions since 1969, Bisleri Mineral Water is not just an ordinary bottle of water. Each drop of Bisleri water is a promise of goodness that goes through a rigorous 10 STEP quality process and 100+ Tests. Bisleri is available in multiple sizes like 250 ML, 300 ML, 500 ML, 1 L, 2 L, 5 L, and 20 L


Bisleri Vedica Natural Mountain Water comes from one of the most pure and pristine sources on Earth, The Himalayas. With a PH value higher than other Mountain waters, Vedica is more Alkaline & has a lot of health benefits

Bisleri Soda

Soda is a combination of pure Bisleri Mineral Water and Fizz which gives it a strong, fresh and crisp taste.


In a category first, Bisleri Fonzo was launched in 2018. A tingle of fizz, burst of Mango, let your senses dance to the taste of Fonzo. Enjoy the bubbly mango experience.


Lemon(Nimboo), lime, and a hint of mint(actual Pudina). It trips you with its tang, and dunks you straight into a pool of chill. Kick back and escape into your very own paradise in a bottle.


Normal is so yawwwn. So, turn every moment into a crazy ride with Spyci- a blend of bold Indian flavours and fizzy madness. Take a swig, and start a riot in your taste buds.


Each drop of Bisleri water is a promise of goodness that goes through a rigorous 10 STEP QUALITY PROCESS and 114 TESTS. The unique feature of double ozonisation during quality process ensures 100% pure water is only packed which is a feature exclusively offered by Bisleri. We give utmost importance to quality and believe in maintaining the highest possible standards in hygiene. All Bisleri production facilities have their own quality testing labs that ensure that every Bisleri product is made as per quality guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).