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Check the Person | Full Refund in case of Wrong Information

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About CheckPerson

  • is a service that provides a full report on an individual by name, date of birth, region, passport data, or driver's license based on data from open sources. We are for reliable information, therefore we use only the official databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, FSSP, EGRIP and USRLE, data from the Federal Tax Service and GIS GMP.
  • If you do not have passport data, to check the individual it is enough to indicate only the last name, first name, region and year of birth.
  • Using the service, the user gets:
  • checking for the validity of the passport (if the document data is entered into the form); checking a person on the wanted list in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; checking a person for debts in the database of the Federal Bailiff Service; checking whether a person is listed as an individual entrepreneur, manager, founder in companies; checking a person's credit rating; checking the TIN of an individual; checking a driver's license; checking a person for fines on a driver's license in the traffic police database. In what cases is it necessary to check an individual:
  • Checking the seller before buying a car Checking an employee before hiring Checking a competitor to decide whether an investment is appropriate or a negotiation strategy Checking the seller before buying a property Checking a partner before concluding a contract Screening citizens for private interests: when borrowing money, establishing relationships, hiring domestic staff, etc.