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About Confirmtkt

IRCTC Ticket booking on Confirmtkt is one of the best IRCTC train booking sites online. Increase your chance of train ticket availability. IRCTC train enquiry and booking which is backed by a unique and efficient algorithm which predicts your IRCTC PNR in seconds based on historical trends. It also assists you in deciding whether to book train tickets or not if the train is on the waitlist. We help you in making your IRCTC train ticket booking experience a pleasure. Get confirm IRCTC railway tickets on ConfirmTkt. Confirmtkt is a one-stop online destination to get confirmed train tickets for all your railway ticketing purposes. You can even predict PNR confirmation status after booking a train ticket and discover all the possible alternatives to get a confirmed train ticket for your railway ticket reservation. Confirmtkt is India's leading website for checking train seat PNR status, e rail ticket availability and IRCTC ticket booking status. We will ensure that travelling on waitlisted tickets becomes history for you! The next time you find all the trains to be waitlisted don’t sweat or fret because we are your one-stop destination to solve all train tickets booking related woes and worries! Allow us to show you our magic by predicting your train confirmation chances even before you book! Whether you are a daily commuter, business traveller or on a vacation, we are here to help one and all. Confirmtkt maintains one of the largest and most updated train databases of Indian railways. Our mobile app contains following features Train Search - Seat / Berth Availability with predictions, PNR Status – plus confirmation predictions, Time Table/Schedule - with Offline access, Seat availability, Alternate Options, Manage your trips, Fare enquiry and fare calculator for Indian rail travellers. All types of trains covered Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani, Duronto Express, Garib Rath, Jan Shatabdi, Inter-city, Superfast Trains, double-decker, sampark kranti, mail express and passenger trains ... and much more.


A renovated face of train travel of modern India is IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) . IRCTC is a platform where you primarily book your train tickets online apart from planning your holidays, order meals, and book train tourism packages. IRCTC leads in online train ticket bookings and also provides I-tickets which are nothing but regular tickets, which are booked online and delivered to your doorstep via post. IRCTC is listed as one of the busiest websites. Apart from online train ticket booking it hosts 24*7 support that address issues related to train schedules, train routes, train ticketing, train fares and seat availability. One can also check the PNR status, view ticket, print or cancel tickets on the website. The Indian Railways website generates lakhs of bookings per day, it began with IRCTC deciding to cut down on agent dependency, stress of queuing up at the railway counter etc. With the launch of IRCTC online train ticket booking people get the luxurious time to browse for various trains for their journey, understand the arrival and departure stations of the train they wish to travel, plan their budget and then book their train ticket accordingly. IRCTC train ticket booking lets the travelers get a confirmed berth in the desired class of a train. Furthermore as an ease to travelers a unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) is generated for every ticket that is booked. Using this PNR number a user can check on the status of the train ticket online on IRCTC from the comfort of their homes. IRCTC train ticket booking lets the travelers get a confirmed berth in the desired class of a train. Furthermore as an ease to travelers a unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) is generated for every ticket that is booked. Using this PNR number a user can check on the status of the train ticket online on IRCTC from the comfort of their homes.

IRCTC seat availability and IRCTC Train Ticket

Train travel is now more sort for travel option thanks to IRCTC’s online train ticket booking. Getting a train ticket and IRCTC seat availability is hassle free, simple and secure on ConfirmTkt. A user gets two modes to book online train ticket, i-tickets and e-tickets. E-tickets are nothing but online copy of a train ticket which a user will have to take a print out of. E-tickets are also sent via mail to an e-mail id & as a message to the registered mobile number. This makes your travel smart as one need not to carry a soft copy. I-tickets on the other hand are like regular train tickets that are also booked online and same are delivered to the postal address provided within 3 working days. This service is currently active only in a few cities. When a user travels with e-tickets he/she is required to show a photo identity issued by the government. There are two ways to book IRCTC train tickets: One over the counter at a railway station and the other online.

IRCTC Train Ticket Reservation

Various categories for IRCTC train ticket booking are also made available online for users. Journey date on a general booking can be preponed or postponed for Confirmed/RAC/Waitlisted train tickets. This change can be done for the same class train ticket or for a higher class train ticket with extra charges and also the change of journey date can be done just once. For people who intend to book their IRCTC train tickets in short notice of time can opt for the Railways Tatkal (Emergency) Scheme. Here the passenger can book their train tickets only 24 hours before the departure of the train they wish to travel in. This Tatkal train ticket reservation facility is available for all trains including any special trains. The train tickets under Tatkal reservation scheme are issued on first-come first-serve basis. The IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking window for AC coaches starts at 10 am 24 hours before the journey date, and for sleeper coach ticket bookings at 11 am. To facilitate comfortable train ticket booking for women passengers IRCTC introduced “Ladies Quota” where concessions on train ticket price are provided to women who either travel alone or a child below the age of 3 years. Apart from these schemes IRCTC has discounted tickets for students, differently abled and senior citizens.

IRCTC Booking Types:

IRCTC UTS (Unreserved ticketing system)

IRCTC UTS is a very handy mobile application, through which you can reserve paperless tickets. With the app on your smartphone, you need not visit the ticket booking counter. One can also get a hard copy of the ticket booked through the UTS app through ATVMs (automatic ticket vending machines). The app also runs in an offline mode, through which you can book a ticket, even if you do not have an internet connection. People buying tickets through the app can pay through the R-wallet (Railway wallet).

IRCTC Full Tariff Rate (FTR)

At times, people need to book an entire coach or train for occasions like tours and parties. The FTR (Full Tariff Rate) feature of IRCTC enables one to make such bookings. To avail discounts on FTR bookings and enjoy a hassle-free process, you can use our platform for reserving the tickets. You can register in advance (maximum of 6 months, minimum 30 days). A security deposit of INR 50,000 has to be paid for each coach. If you are booking a special train, you need to book at least 18 coaches. To enjoy a hassle-free booking process at an affordable price, make sure to reserve the ticket with us.

IRCTC General booking

You can find the IRCTC General Booking option on our website. The key feature of this type of booking is that one can postpone or prepone the date of journey. You can get Waitlisted/RAC/Confirmed tickets postponed or preponed with an extra charge on a higher class, or the same class. For waitlisted and RAC tickets, this feature is available once per user for a specific booking. We bring you all the necessary features and assistance in adjusting the dates of your ride.

IRCTC Tatkal booking

Tatkal refers to emergency tickets. This is necessary when you reserve a train at short notice. At times, you have only a day or two before the commencement of the journey. In such situations, Tatkal tickets come handy. Although these tickets cost higher than the ordinary ones, we offer you Tatkal tickets at reasonable costs. Tatkal tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. With us, you have a greater chance to get these tickets. You need to book such tickets 24 hours before the departure of the respective train. You must note, that you cannot get a refund for Tatkal tickets and these are available only for First Class A/C coaches.

IRCTC Ladies quota

The Ladies Quota feature of IRCTC was introduced by IRCTC in 2011. Women who travel alone, or with kids aged below 3 get a concession on such bookings. You can book tickets in the Ladies Quota on our portal. In case you are traveling in the sleeper class, you can opt for a Ladies Quota ticket. In a train, the Ladies Quota has only six booked berths.

How to book IRCTC Ticket on ConfirmTkt

Steps to book IRCTC train tickets online on

  1. Select source and destination stations.
  2. Select date of journey
  3. Select train from the list of trains from the source and destination
  4. Select class (sleeper, 3rd AC etc.)
  5. Select Boarding point
  6. Enter passenger details and berth preferences
  7. Enter contact details mobile and email (You will receive your train tickets on this mobile and email)
  8. Select other preferences (book only if confirm berth, book only if lower berth etc.)
  9. Enter GST details if applicable
  10. Pay through any payment mode.
  11. After successful payment enter IRCTC credentials
  12. After entering correct IRCTC credentials your ticket would be booked and you will receive it on your email and mobile that you have given while booking your train ticket
IRCTC Train ticket Booking Video Tutorial 
Please note passengers have to carry one of the identity card during their train Journey. You will need to show this identity card to TT in the train. Below are valid ID cards
  1. Aadhar card
  2. Passport
  3. Voter photo identity card
  4. Driving License
  5. Pan Card
  6. Central/State Government issued Photo Identity card
  7. Nationalized Bank Passbook with photographs
  8. Student Identity Card with photograph
  9. Credit Cards with laminated photograph
  10. Photo identity cards having serial number
ConfirmTkt IRCTC train enquiry & Indian railway seat availability with highly accurate predictions and same train alternates, will make IRCTC ticket booking experience hassle-free. Also with a user-friendly interface, Confirmtkt has made mobile IRCTC train ticket booking and train ticket booking on App very easy and quick.

IRCTC train ticket booking FAQ

Q) How can I book train tickets online?

A: You can book train tickets online using confirmtkt website or App. After successful online payment and entering correct IRCTC credentials you will recieve e-ticket on sms and email.

Q) How ConfirmTkt increases my chance of getting confirm IRCTC tickets?

A: With ConfirmTkt same train alternates and IRCTC ticket confirmation prediction we assist you to get confirm IRCTC tickets online.

With ConfirmTkt same train alternates you can find confirm IRCTC train tickets by changing your boarding/droping point and if train ticket availability is in waitlist we show you chances of getting confirm train ticket. So If prediction status is green gohead and book the ticket

Q) What is TATKAL Booking in IRCTC and how it is done?

A: Indian Railways have Tatkal quota, tickets booked under this quota are meant for last minute or immediate plans. Tatkal bookings in IRCTC makes last minute travel easy. Through there are chances that you may not get tickets even for tatkal quota during peak seasons or busy routes. It is better to plan in advance than to depend on last minute booking. You can book IRCTC tatkal tickets on ConfirmTkt App or website. Tatkal timings starts at 10:00 AM for AC train tickets and 11:00 AM for non-AC train tickets.

Also please note for confirmed tatkal tickets no refund will be granted.

Q) What is the maximum number of train tickets one can book at a time?

A: Per person a maximum of 6 train tickets plus two children below 5 years and for tatkal booking 4 tickets is allowed.

Q) What age is it compulsory to buy a train ticket for children?

A: It is compulsory for children aged between the ages 5 to 12 years to buy a train ticket.

Q) What are different quotas for IRCTC ticket booking

A: Different are 19 different quotas in IRCTC ticket booking

  • 1. GN General Quota
  • 2. LD Ladies Quota
  • 3. HO Head quarters/high official Quota
  • 4. DF Defence Quota
  • 5. PH Parliament house Quota
  • 6. FT Foreign Tourist Quota
  • 7. DP Duty Pass Quota
  • 8. tq Tatkal Quota
  • 9. PT Premium Tatkal Quota
  • 10. SS Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
  • 11. HP Physically Handicapped Quota
  • 12. RE Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
  • 13. GNRS General Quota Road Side
  • 14. OS Out Station
  • 15. PQ Pooled Quota
  • 16. RC(RAC) Reservation Against Cancellation
  • 17. RS Road Side
  • 18. YU Yuva
  • 19. LB Lower Berth

Q) What is IRCTC Current Status and Booking Status?

A: Booking status means the status of your ticket at the time of booking and Current status means the status of your ticket at present or currently.

Q) What is TDR in IRCTC and when can I file IRCTC TDR?

A: TDR means ticket deposit receipt. Passenger who have ticket but have not travelled and want to apply for refund can file TDR. IRCTC and ConfirmTkt provides facility to file TDR online. If Chart is not prepared user can cancel thier ticket online, after chart preparation TDR need to be file for refund.

Different scenarios where IRCTC TDR can be filed:
  • AC Failure.
  • After Charting No Room Provided.
  • Change In Reservation Status From Confirmed To Wait listed/Part Wait listed/RAC After Chart Preparation.
  • Difference Of Fare As Passenger Travelled In Lower Class.
  • Difference Of Fare In Case proper Coach Not Attached.
  • Party Could Not Cancel Because Chart Prepared At Originating Or Previous Remote Location.
  • Party Partially Confirmed/Wait listed And All Passengers Did Not Travel.
  • Party Partially Confirmed/Wait listed And Wait listed Passengers Did Not Travel.
  • Party Partially Travelled (Journey terminated short of destination).
  • Passenger Not Travelled As Reservation Provided In Lower Class.
  • Passenger Not Travelled Due To Ticket In RAC After Chart Preparation.
  • Passenger Not Travelled.
  • Train Diverted And Train Not Touching Boarding Station.
  • Train Diverted And Train Not Touching Destination Station.
  • Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled.
  • Train Missed As Connecting Train Was Late.
  • Train Terminated Short Of Destination.
  • Wrongly Charged BY TTE.

IRCTC Train Types

Tejas Express, Vande Bharat Express, Shatabdi Express, Gatimaan Express, Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express, Humsafar Express, AC Express, Double Decker Express, Uday Express, Garib Rath Express, Yuva Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Sampark Kranti Express, Kavi Guru Express, Vivek Express, Rajya Rani Express, Mahamana Express, Intercity Express, Antyodaya Express, Jan Sadharan Express, Suvidha Express Superfast Express,Express For all the above trains, IRCTC tickets can be booked from website or App

IRCTC misspelled

Most of the online users also misspell IRCTC as: