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Order Your Universal Sim Card & Enjoy Best Prices, Fast Internet and Calls around the World

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Drimsim - SIM Card for traveling around the world

Affordable Internet in 190 countries. No monthly fees or hidden payments. Drimsim skimps on mobile Internet, not on your impressions.

Travel assistant

Drimsim is more than a SIM card. We care about travelers.

Habitual comfort

Create your route, check reviews on restaurants, rent a car - everything is easy with Drimsim.


If connection failed, and you could not use Drimsim on the trip, we will refund the cost of the SIM card and your balance. We refund the cost of the SIM card even if you decided not to use Drimsim. Handy app with detailed track of expenses on data, calls and SMS. You can contact support, top up, monitor the expenses and arrange your trip right in the app. Full control

SIM card with affordable data, SMS and calls

Internet access is available right after the activation. Calls and text messages are enabled on request. Rent a phone number for calls and text messages during your trip. The rent costs €1 per month. You can cancel the rent right after your trip.