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Droom Germ Shield (Antimicrobial Coating)

Germ Shield is the best treatment when it comes to making the surface germ-free or virus-free. It is an antimicrobial shield treatment that is transparent, colorless and odorless coating on the surface to sanitize or disinfect it and provide up to 99.99% germ-kill protection which will be effective for next 3 months. The professional disinfecting services are applicable for automobiles including two-wheelers and four-wheelers, elevators, and facilities including health care, public areas, residential spaces and commercial spaces. Germ Shield treatment is associated with Swab Test that is done before and after the treatment on the surfaces to check the RLU level with the help of an ATP Meter. The contamination score determines whether the surface needs sanitization or not. RLU - 0-30 – Considered Food Safe RLU - 31-200 – Considered Clean RLU - 201-500 – Contaminated RLU - 501-1000 – High Risk of Infection RLU – 1000+ – Extreme Risk of Infection If the RLU value is more than 200, then Germ Shield becomes essential. There is no need to worry as Germ Shield has no side-effects, is conducted by skilled and trained professionals and it provides certificate to guarantee the treatment will be valid for 3 months.

Antimicrobial Coating for Vehicles

Be it your personal car or used for professional purpose, your car must have travelled multiple places at multiple times carrying multiple people. So, you cannot be sure which parts of your car are infected with germs and viruses. There comes the role of vehicle sanitizing services that include both four-wheelers as well as two-wheelers.

Antimicrobial Treatment for Cars

It can be a small hatchback, sedan, SUV or luxury car, bus, van, etc. Car sanitization will be different for different shapes and sizes of the cars as they have different infected areas inside and outside. The exterior of the car can still be washed and cleaned properly, but car interior germ cleaning is a difficult task, so it is better to opt antimicrobial coating for car and rely on professionals only. Some high touch areas such as steering wheels, doorknobs, buttons, coffee mug holder, infotainment touch screen, seat leathers and many more, that needs thorough car disinfection services.

Antimicrobial Coating for Bike and Scooter

Two-wheelers also need proper sanitization as it is not covered, so germs and viruses can reside anywhere. You park it openly anywhere, so it is more prone to get infected. So, being a scooter owner, it is your responsibility to get scooter disinfection service immediately before you touch or ride it again. The same goes with the bike owners as well. They also need to ask for bike sanitization online. Grab Germ Shield for bike and scooter offer to disinfect the two-wheelers completely up to 99.99%. Sanitization services is not only essential for your vehicle, but also required for other areas as well. So, Droom has introduced a few more sanitization services for other facilities. 1. Germ Shield for Elevators 2. Germ Shield for Facilities - Health Care - Public Spaces - Residential Spaces - Commercial Spaces

Antimicrobial Coating for Elevators

Elevators or lifts are very common these days in the housing societies, offices, malls, hospitals, everywhere. Elevator disinfection services are truly required, as it is used by many people and it has lots of germs, microbes and viruses. It has been seen that the buttons on the elevators contain more bacteria than on a public toilet. So, there are high chances that you can get infected from an elevator. Antimicrobial Coating for elevators with Germ Shield will clear 99.99% germs from the surfaces of all touchpoints, and it will again be fit for public use.

Antimicrobial Treatment for Facilities

Everywhere you may find germs and viruses, but there are procedures as well to get rid of those viruses by different disinfecting services for facilities.

Antimicrobial Coating for Clinic & Hospital

It is not about the hospital and clinic disinfection service, all the health care centers include hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, laboratories, clinical path labs, doctor chambers and any other places, needs antimicrobial paint for hospitals. These places are mostly prone to possess maximum number of germs, microbes and viruses, as thousands of patients come there for their treatments. This is more relevant and truer for hospitals and nursing homes, so it is their prime responsibility to go for hospital sanitization and kill all the germs and viruses with the help of Germ Shield to stop any further infection.

Antimicrobial Coating for Shopping Mall & School

Just like health care places, public places including schools, colleges, banks, elevators, shopping malls, public transport, etc. should also get the antimicrobial treatment for shopping mall and school. A place where more number of people visit, can be the most infected place and in turn can also spread more viruses. So, different institutions such as schools can opt for school disinfection services of Germ Shield for specific areas such as doors, windows, desks, guard room area, etc. In this way, students and teachers can be saved from any virus infection. As this involves the lives of children, simple day to day cleaning may not be sufficient. A detailed school disinfecting service can completely do away with all types of germs and viruses. Similarly, casual fund places like shopping mall should also realize that shopping mall sanitization is necessary to get 99.99% germ kill protection and also to give people assurance that no virus will spread from place.

Antimicrobial Coating and Paint for Residential Spaces

Your home or house may be the safest place for you, but it is not free from germs and viruses. You will maintain the hygiene to the topmost level but the sanitized level that a house sanitization can provide is completely unmatchable. Your regular cleaning will wash away the dust particles, but not the germs. Your residential place be it a residential complex, housing, flat or own house, residential disinfection services is necessary as Germ Shield for society will make your home secured from viruses from next 90 days.

Antimicrobial Transparent Coating for Commercial Spaces

In recent times, we tend to spend more time in offices as compared to our homes. Your workstation, your chair, your computer or laptop, the meeting rooms, the cafeteria, the reception area, etc. must get office disinfection services, so that in any case the viruses cannot affect you from your office. Office sanitization will protect the lives of employees, investors, clients and many more. They may not feel safe while paying a visit to the office, so to give a secured hygiene environment antimicrobial treatment for commercial spaces of Germ Shield will be mandatory for you.