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Get Car sharing in Kiev, Dnipro

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About Getmancar

  • Car sharing, minute car rental in Kiev Car sharing is a short-term car rental service. From January 2018, the per-minute car rental service is available in Kiev.
  • Car sharing is a car rental plus you get FREE (this is included in the price):
  • Fuel - we pay for fuel
  • Car wash - we wash the car
  • Seasonal tires - we keep an eye on tires and change them
  • Maintenance - we do it
  • Tire fitting and balancing - all at our expense
  • You don't have to pay for anything!
  • Car sharing is a per-minute car rental, while the cost of car rental includes fuel, car wash, seasonal tires, taxes, maintenance.
  • The service is provided through a mobile application. The whole process of using the service takes place from your smartphone. Open, close the car, book and start / end the trip only through your smartphone. The keys and documents for the car are already in the car.
  • No managers, offices, paper contracts and acts, all online 24/7/365.