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InstaClean - Bulk Delete and Block Spam Emails

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Unsubscribe & Delete Mass Emails in just a few minutes!⏱☇ InstaClean is The Best, FREE, E-mail Inbox Cleaner for ANY Email Service Provider that lets you take full control of your Inbox. Organize your mailbox in just 5 mins! - Unsubscribe from email lists + Mass delete unwanted emails + Organise your inbox+ Delete bulk E-mails now for free. InstaClean users have cleaned more than 5 Million Junk Emails. InstaClean Features ✔Supports all the major email services like Gmail, Samsung Email,HotMail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail & More. ✔Acts as a spam filter to block & delete all the junk newsletters and subscription emails. ✔Bulk Unsubscribe from mailing lists and newsletters permanently. ✔Trash & Unsubscribe from Newsletters ✔Clean and remove clutter and spam E-mails ✔Bulk Delete 1000s of Emails by Sender, Label or Size. Why you need InstaClean? ⚠Spam Emails are not just wasted time: But also dangerous. InstaClean helps you get rid of all spam in your inbox and stay out of trouble.⚠ ✔InstaClean is available free of charge for all email services (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Android Mail, iPhone Mail.). ✔InstaClean offers an ad free experience for 100% customer satisfaction ✔InstaClean connects to your Inbox and automatically lists all the mailing lists that you follow regularly. You can easily decide which mailing lists to unsubscribe from. It allows you to easily filter spam emails and delete unwanted emails. User Feedback 1. "I achieved 50% more productivity after using InstaClean." ~Androiduser132 2."This app helped me unsubscribe from all unwanted email subscriptions easily." ~Scott Dann1 3."I was able to organise my E-mail inbox and clear more than 12,000 useless E-mails. Now I have only 5000 mails." ~Alisson Ramsey Your Data Privacy: We respect your data privacy and would never sell your personal data to third parties. We are 100% transparent and will tell you exactly what your data is being used for. Any data that is given or sold to third parties will be anonymised and aggregated. For more Privacy information, please read the Privacy Policy. Download InstaClean completely free now to organise your inbox and block all spam!