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Men of War II: Arena

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About Men of War

Men of War II: Arena is a continuation of the legendary series of games "Behind Enemy Lines" in the setting of the Second World War. This is a game where tactics, coordination of actions, adaptation to the conditions of the map and the ability to make quick but balanced decisions will be the key to victory in every battle. It is for those who lack action in strategy and lack scale in tactical shooter. The Behind Enemy Lines series has more than a decade of history and now it is getting decent multiplayer development. Players will find a harsh and most realistic game in which the developers consulted with the real performance characteristics of equipment and weapons. Thanks to this, in Men of War II: Arena there are more than two hundred unique units, each of which is designed for some specific action: reconnaissance of the territory, invisible destruction of 3 hated howitzers behind enemy lines, assault of fortifications, air strikes or artillery strikes on key points. The game features complete destructibility of the environment, the creation of obstacles and the construction of fortifications. Such battles will not leave you indifferent!