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  • 1. To Earn MoneyBack/Rewards on your shopping, You must be signed in on Click here to Sign in/Sign Up .
  • 2. MoneyBack is not applicable if the order placed by you is cancelled by you or Retailer.
  • 3. To ensure that your MoneyBack tracks properly, Click on “Activate MoneyBack/Rewards” button or “Visit Store” button on before buying & Do not visit any other Deal/Coupon/Offer Website
  • 4. To remove chances of failed MoneyBack tracking and cancellation, we recommend you to place order in the same session after clicking out to the retailer's website from this page & Read Special Tips on FAQ page here
  • 5. Final MoneyBack amount may change at the time of order confirmation, if you have used any coupon codes while placing an order on a retailer website. May be Zero or same as well in many cases or Contact our support to confirm about coupons before placing an order.
  • 6. MoneyBack amount decided by IndiaOffers team is final and depends upon retailer paid commission and may change any time as per retailer terms.
  • 7. If you have Adblock installed on your laptop/computer, your MoneyBack may go missing.
  • 8. MoneyBack may be lost, if you have installed any extension to show deals/coupon etc on retailer websites while visiting.
  • 9. Try to File Missing MoneyBack/Rewards Ticket as soon as possible, if your moneyback/rewards donot track automatically within 3 days. You can file a missing ticket within 10 days of the Order placed.
  • 10. MoneyBack confirmation time varies from retailer to retailer, from 30 days to 120 days. MoneyBack amount may also vary on at the time of confirmation, although it is very rare. Same you can verify from our customer support on whatsapp.
  • 11. Any fraudulent activity would lead to cancellation of MoneyBack/Rewards and your account will be blocked. & decision of Team is final and binding. Our ( team is not bound to disclose details/activity which is considered appropriate and blocked your account.
  • 12. MoneyBack may not be applicable, if you use any coupon that is not available on
  • 13. MoneyBack is not applicable on bulk buying or if you are buying anything for resale purpose.
  • 14. Any Query related to MoneyBack/Rewards will not be entertained by any retailer. For such cases you need to contact IndiaOffers offers on or Whatsapp us on 9569608101 anytime & your query will be resolved as soon as possible.


The international cloud provider RUVDS offers virtual servers or VPS / VDS for rent. You don't have to buy and store hardware, as well as maintain and monitor server availability. We do it for you 24/7. You can rent server capacities and abandon them in one click at any convenient time. In 2016, we started with our own data center in Korolev, Moscow Region, and cooperation with Huawei , a leading manufacturer of cloud solutions. Today we have ten data centers: two in Moscow, one each in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, London, Zurich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The distributed network reduces the risks of customers and allows you to rent facilities that are not too far from the office or place of work: less distance - higher speed. Our goal is to make high quality cloud services available . And it seems that we are doing well: among our clients there are large businesses (FINAM, VTsIOM, Gett), independent IT professionals and state companies, which we offer our own data center in the city of Korolev, certified by FSTEC. In just two years, we managed to enter the top 20 Russian providers of IAAS services (Infrastructure as a Service). But we do not stop there. Now the RUVDS team is actively working on a project for distributing the Internet from the subspace , developing the "Cloud Technologies" forum and a useful blog for programmers , and in their free time they hold tournaments on the legendary video games of the 90s GAME OVERNIGHT , make delicious hamburgers and even brew beer for IT specialists .