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Repair Your Mobile at Your Doorstep from Trained Professionals at Lowest Prices

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About Cashify

We fix your mobile at your convenience

Cashify Repair is a revolutionary service designed to simplify mobile repairs without making them too hard on your wallet. Find the mobile that needs to get repaired, select its colour, and that's it. You will be given our range of services to choose from, like - mobile screen, mic, battery, speaker, receiver, charging jack replacement with the best possible quote for your mobile phone repair. Technicians will come to your doorstep to work on the device and repair it. Cashify Repair even offers a 6-month warranty and a week-long money back guarantee. Can it get any better than this?

Repair & Replacement Your Mobile Phone On Cashify

Cashify is the best place to get your phone repaired right at your doorstep! To get all details of your phone repair online, all you have to do is download the Cashify app and search for the model of your phone. With the help of our expertly trained technicians, you won’t have to worry about getting your phone repaired at all.

We offer a wide range of mobile phone repair services like mic, battery, speaker, back panel, charging jack replacement and more! This is all done at affordable prices right in front of you so you do not have to depend on questionable local repair shops.

The process is simple and straightforward; just follow the steps below!

  1. On the Cashify app tap on “Repair Phone”

  2. Choose your mobile from the list of manufacturers and models

  3. Enter your mobile number then input the OTP

  4. Choose what needs repair/replacement

  5. Our technician will call you regarding an appointment

  6. And your phone will be repaired within 1 hour!

We only use the top quality parts to repair your mobile phone. By just sitting at home, you can look up all our mobile repair online services and choose exactly the one you need. With our six-months warranty on the repaired phone, any issues would be rectified as well! There is also a 1-week money-back guarantee as well. It has never been easier to reliable phone repair services at home.

Cashify also regularly launches mobile repair offers so you can get the best price! This way you can have all the information you need about mobile repair online. The life of your phone will be extended this way and you can continue using your phone without having to buy a new one right away.

If you have any queries please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We guarantee a comfortable repair experience through Cashify!