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Seniority: Online Shopping for Senior Citizens

Seniority Pvt Ltd serves a wide range of products catering largely to the senior community. The products are specially curated keeping in mind the comfort and independence of senior citizens. From lifestyle to general wellness, these products aim at making the day-to-day life of the elders easy and hassle-free. With the help of a wide range of products, we aim at providing the seniors with all the support and care that they require while beginning their second innings, to help them achieve an independent lifestyle. Seniority, India's first retail chain, is a one-stop destination that provides lifestyle and wellness solutions for the senior community.

What can you buy at Seniority?

  • General Wellness - Simple tasks can often seem difficult to seniors due to weakness and conditions like Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Certain equipment and accessories can aid seniors to live a healthy and active lifestyle. A wide range of products included in categories like Easy Living Accessories, Hot & Cold Therapy, Massagers & Pain Relief and Medical Equipment are designed to provide the required care and support to the seniors.
  • Mobility Aids - With age, seniors often lose strength and balance and are susceptible to problems relating to mobility. In order to provide the seniors safety, comfort and facilitate independent living, Seniority brings to you a wide range of mobility aids that includes Walkers & Rollators, Walking Stick & Crutches, Wheelchairs and their Accessories.
  • Bathroom Aids - Bathrooms and washrooms can seem like a dangerous place to seniors due to increased likelihood of falls and certain mobility issues. A few alterations and upgrades can make these areas safe and easily accessible for the seniors. Seniority offers a range of bathroom accessories that includes different types of Commodes, Grab bars and Shower Chairs, Personal Care and Hygiene products specially curated to make bathroom, a comfortable place for seniors.
  • Physio & Ortho - With age, the need for physio and ortho products increases due to joint pains, body pains etc. The numerous products under this category offer body support and after surgery care products, sub-categorised as Compression Support, Exercise & Fitness Gears, Support Splints and Traction Kits.
  • Leisure - Maintaining an active lifestyle also includes therapeutic recreation activities for seniors. Therefore, Seniority believes that the post-retirement age is the best age to enjoy leisure activities. To make the most of this time, we have products ranging from the finest collection of Music Cards to Music Players, Games and Books.
  • Smart Living - With new technology coming in every day, seniors shouldn’t straggle! To address ageing challenges and make seniors more tech-savvy, Seniority has a range of products which promotes smart living for seniors. The Smart Living category are further categorized as Home Care & Improvement, Home Décor, Safety & Security and Travel Accessories.

Seniority Global Exclusive Products

Seniority Global Exclusives are the premium quality products that consist of international brands that will exceed your expectations. Seniority Global Exclusive category>> has products ranging from Kitchen Essentials, Daily Living Essentials, Bathroom Aids and Mobility Aids.

Seniority’s Own

While ageing is a privilege, convenience is also critical to accompany old age. And that is why we at Seniority offer a range of exclusive private label products to help the elderly live independently with comfort and dignity Seniority's Own is a one-stop shop for senior adults, offering a host of specially curated high-quality products ranging from mobility aids to safety products and personal care products to holistic health essentials.
  • Mobility Aids - These include different types of walking sticks to reduce discomfort and assist walking. Individuals can buy a walking stick online and choose from different types available - to perform daily activities more safely, with confidence.
  • Home Improvement - Seniority's own range of home improvement products include home care security devices and useful safety products to prevent accidents, slips or falls.
  • Personal Care - These include a selection of products like travel accessories, massagers, footwear, foot care accessories and easy living aids.
  • Entertainment - Enjoy the gift of music with the Acoosta Suno Bhakti music player>> that is powered by Sony Music and available exclusively only on Seniority’s Own.
  • Health Essentials - Offering Pill Boxes and Organizers>> these devices can help senior adults manage their medicines stress free. Seniority’s own private label products also comprises of Zero Block>> a nutritious health drink that is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients to help maintain overall health. These health essentials can help senior adults lead a happy and healthier lifestyle.
With our exclusive line of private label products available online, we aim to help seniors stay more independent by giving them the option to shop in the comfort and safety of their home. They can easily search for products, add them to their online shopping cart, review their order and checkout with ease. No matter the needs or demands, our aim is to let customers shop Seniority Private Label>> products anytime, anywhere — delivering exactly what they want, when they want it.

Seniority Offers

Since we love to celebrate with our customers, we make festivals much more special by giving unmatched discounts and offers to the shoppers. During the festive season, avail discounts across various brands, categories, and products to buy gifts for friends and family. Take advantage of these deals and be among the first ones to grab discounts on Seniority. Sign up now on our website to avail the best offers during the Seniority Sale days.