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About Skyforge

  • Skyforge is a Sci-Fi / Fantasy MMO action game where gods use technology and magic to fight mythical creatures from other worlds! A simple and understandable character development system will allow you to enjoy the gameplay from the first minutes, because you don't have to delve into a huge number of complex mechanics! An exciting story campaign awaits you, which will guide the player through the wonderful Aelion and introduce you to the basics of the game. Travel the planet, help the inhabitants, repel the attacks of the invading armies - and you will open all available classes and become a powerful deity with your own temple and loyal followers! The rich selection of classes will impress even the most discerning MMORPG lovers. You have 14 different looks at your disposal, you can switch between them in one click! Forget the problem of finding a group: playing with the same character, you can try yourself in any role. Play whatever you like - class skills automatically change for PvE battles or PvP adventures!
  • The gods unite in powerful pantheons who fight for territory and power in the massive Pantheon Confrontation - the largest PvE and PvP competition in Skyforge. The final battle takes place in several stages in a huge temple complex, and up to 70 characters can take part in this action!
  • Skyforge is a game where the future of the whole world is in your hands!