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  • 2. MoneyBack is not applicable if the order placed by you is cancelled by you or Retailer.
  • 3. To ensure that your MoneyBack tracks properly, Click on “Activate MoneyBack/Rewards” button or “Visit Store” button on before buying & Do not visit any other Deal/Coupon/Offer Website
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  • 6. MoneyBack amount decided by IndiaOffers team is final and depends upon retailer paid commission and may change any time as per retailer terms.
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  • 8. MoneyBack may be lost, if you have installed any extension to show deals/coupon etc on retailer websites while visiting.
  • 9. Try to File Missing MoneyBack/Rewards Ticket as soon as possible, if your moneyback/rewards donot track automatically within 3 days. You can file a missing ticket within 10 days of the Order placed.
  • 10. MoneyBack confirmation time varies from retailer to retailer, from 30 days to 120 days. MoneyBack amount may also vary on at the time of confirmation, although it is very rare. Same you can verify from our customer support on whatsapp.
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  • 12. MoneyBack may not be applicable, if you use any coupon that is not available on
  • 13. MoneyBack is not applicable on bulk buying or if you are buying anything for resale purpose.
  • 14. Any Query related to MoneyBack/Rewards will not be entertained by any retailer. For such cases you need to contact IndiaOffers offers on or Whatsapp us on 9569608101 anytime & your query will be resolved as soon as possible.

About The Moms Co.

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